Becoming a Defensive Stopper

Offense wins games, defense wins championships. This has been said countless times by countless coaches. Do you know why? Because it is true and has proven to be true over and over. You might have an off game as a team or individually on offense, but if you bring it on the defensive end you still have a chance to win as a team and make an impact as an individual. Take pride in your defense! Become a lock down defender! Below is a video from Point Guard College detailing some keys to becoming a good team defender. I have written down some of the main points so you have a reference with which to follow along.


Five Habits of Good Defenders:

1.Close Outs on the Ball–Hands up, under control, Stop the Drive

2. Jump to the Ball–Stop Basket Cut, Get into Help Side

3. See the Ball and Your Man–Stop the Drive, Head on a Swivel

4. Talk to the Ball

5. Threaten Penetration–Jab, Fake, at the drive to discourage the drive



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