Skill Work and the Importance of Stretching- December 22

Through the first part of this year I’ve put up quite a few different workouts with many ball handling and shooting drills. If you have been doing them, you should have a pretty good idea of the type of work you should be doing to improve.

You should be putting at least one hour every day into working on your game!

I’ve heard a principle from Bob Knight that has always stuck with me and has proven true time and time again. He stressed getting into the gym and putting in quality, hard work. It is better to work hard for one hour than to be in the gym for three hours without focus and intensity.


For the next couple of posts, I’m going to write more of an informative article on various aspects of training for sport and fitness.

Stretching and How it can improve your athleticism:

Stretching is the most overlooked part of becoming a better athlete at almost all levels of sport besides the professional level. Often, when time is taken for stretching it is done improperly.

Dynamic before, Static After:

Studies have shown that holding a stretch in a fixed position without first being warmed up reduces the power output by your muscles and can contribute to injury. So before you play or workout you should go through a dynamic stretching routine. (Like the one we do before practice). There have been many studies that have shown by doing a dynamic stretching routine, vertical leap improves. Below is a little article with some intro to dynamic stretching.

In whatever routine you do, incorporate movements that will activate and target the muscles you are getting ready to use.

Static stretching  should be done at the end of every workout you do. By static stretching after your workout, you promote more blood flow to your muscle tissues and therefore help to speed repair and recovery. As you improve the length of your muscles and their ability to bounce back, you are helping prevent future injury while increasing your capacity to produce force and power. It’s a win win! Below is an article with some more information on static stretching.

As you work to become a better athlete, remember it is the little things that can make a big difference!




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