Workouts for November 18-23

After a very busy week of games, we have a slow next couple of weeks. This is the time to really work on your individual game! As a team, we need to be able to thrive when opposing teams try to pressure us. The two main ways that can be accomplished individually is by becoming comfortable handling the ball and getting stronger physically.

Workout for Monday-Thursday:

Strength Work

Interval run: Find a place where you have about 40 yards ( roughly 40 big steps) where you can run down and back. This might be in your yard, a track, or even on the road by your house. Take a nice easy jog down and back and then sprint for one length. Without stopping, jog down down and back again, and sprint all out for one time down. So you are going to jog to length and the sprint one. Do a total of 10 sprints with the jogging in between.

100 Push ups

Skill Work:

Start with the same dibbling series as last week.

Form Shooting: Stand with your nose right under the front of the rim. Hit 10 swishes. Standing right under the rim will force you to have a high release and will develop good touch with your follow through.

Hit 10 Free Throws

Pump Fake Two Dribble Pull Up: Make 10 going to your right and 10 going to your left.

Hit 10 Free Throws

Crossover Finish: Starting near the three point line, drive hard to the right until you are about 15 feet from the rim. This is just about the same distance as the free throw line  is from the rim. Crossover hard and low to your left hand, get to the rim and finish with your left hand. Go 10 times and then start with your left hand and crossover to your right.

Hit 10 Free Throws

Crossover, Spin, Finish: Starting just like you did above, after you crossover, take one dribble and then make a spin move back to your right and finish at the rim with your right hand. Go 10 times and then start with you left hand and end up spinning back to your left and finish with your left hand.

Shoot 50 Threes: Post how many you make out the fifty you attempt.

Hit 10 Free Throws

Workout for Friday and Saturday:

There is no JV game Friday so JV guys do the same workout that you have done the previous four days but skip the interval.

Varsity only guys, skip Friday, but then do the workout on Saturday.

If you play both JV and Varsoty, Skip the strength and shooting portion of the workout, but do the dribbling drills and get some free throws in.


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