Workouts for October 21-26

This week the WOD’s will be in a little different format and you guys can let me know what you think. Due to the changing weather, I know it will get harder to get outside to play, and I know it isn’t always easy to get to a gym. So for this post I will have a  strength WOD that will be something that you can do anywhere and I will post a skill workout for you to do anytime you can. This week, post how many free throws you hit in a row each time you do the skill section. And if you have a place to do it, record your vertical leap on Monday of this week. You can do this by standing next to a wall or if you have a basketball goal that lowers, taking it down to where the bottom of the back board just touches the tips of your fingers at the highest point you can reach. Any way you can find the height of your standing reach and then the height of your reach with jumping works. Measuring the difference will give you your jumping height. For vertical jump, you are allowed one step to gain momentum for your leap. If you cannot find a way to measure your vertical leap, find a place to record the highest point you can jump to touch. Ideally this would be something you can go back to in the up coming weeks to see if your highest point improves.

Skill Work:

Form shooting: Start under the basket, and shooting with only your dominate hand, hit three shots. After making three shots, take a step back and make three more. Continue this until it takes you more than five shots to hit  three. This is the end of your range. This drill will pay off in a big way with your shooting if you are dedicated to making yourself better every time you do it.

Make 20 Free Throws

Mikan Drill and Reverse Mikan Drill: Make 20 layups with each hand with the normal Mikan Drill. Next, instead of facing the toward the basket, stand under the basket and face out toward half court. Go through the Mikan Drill just like you would but now you are shooting reverse lay ups. Make 20 on each side.

Make 10 Pull ups going to your right

Shoot ten Free Throws

Make 10 Pull ups going to your left

Next play this game either from 15 feet  or from the three point line or from both depending on the amount of time you have and what you want to work on. Starting from the baseline corner spot, shoot until you make three shots. After you make three shots, move to the wing. Now from the wing you need to make three shots in order to move to the top. But this is where the game can get hard and you will need to stay confident and keep working. If you miss more than two shots in a row, you have to go back to the previous spot. This game can be challenging, but the goal to to make it through all five spots and then to make it all the way back.

Work on a go to offensive move: If you are a post player and want to develop a good hook shot or up and under, practice going to your right and left. As a guard you might want to work on a floater, finishing layups in various ways, a good jab series, or a dribble move to score. Get at least 25 good reps in with the move. If you have any questions or need ideas for a move to get you into a certain position on the court, ask me and I can show you some good ones.

See how many free throws you can make in a row: You can try this as many times as you want, but only post your best.

Strength WOD: Do this three days this week. It is best to give yourself a day in between for your body to recover.

20 Push Ups

20 Leap ups from a Chair: From a sitting position in a chair, in one explosive movement, stand up and jump as high as you can. Land softly and return to sitting in the chair. Repeat.

20 Sit ups

20 Split jumps: Placing your right foot about two feet in front of your left, bend your knees and jump as high as you can, Land in with your feet in the same position as when you jumped. Land softly but then explode back into the air. After 20 reps place the left foot in front of the right and repeat.

20 Push Ups

20 Calf Raises: Standing on a book or stair with one leg, keep your knee pretty straight and lower your heel below the step. Next, raise up onto your toe like you are standing on your tip toe. Do 20 reps on both legs. Make sure the lowering of your heel is slow, but the raising of the heel is done quickly.

20 Sit Ups

200 Burn Outs:  Stand on your tip toes with your knees almost locked. Jump about 3-5 inches off of the ground and land on your tip toes without letting your heels drop toward the ground. As soon as your forefoot touches the ground, quickly hop back up into the air. These should be short and very fast. Try to spend as little time on the ground as possible. Do 1 set of 200 jumps.

15 Push Ups and then 15 Sit Ups then go down by three until you reach zero. So next do 12 Push Ups and 12 Sit Ups, then 9 of each, then 6 and so on.

Lastly make sure you do a good job of static stretching at the end of your workouts. Do not static stretch before your workouts but instead warm up a little bit. Static stretching cold muscle reduces power output by the muscle and doesn’t really help prevent injury.


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