Workouts for October 14th-19th

This week we will continue to focus on building your offensive game and base conditioning. It is really encouraging to me as a coach to see a few guys really working hard and using this resource to improve their game. To those guys, keep up the great work! I hope more of your teammates follow your lead. Post in the comments link under this weeks workouts your makes on free throws and the number of shots it takes you to hit the 25 pull up jumpers described below! Start each workout with the original ball handling drills from week one to get warmed up and comfortable with the ball.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: WOD

Right Hand Pound: With knees slightly bent and eyes up, pound the ball into the ground, keeping control with the fingers and pads of the hand.

Left Hand Pound: Switch to your left, using the same form. With all drills you can vary the height and speed of your dribble, but try to emphasize staying low and quick.

In and Out Right Hand only and Left Hand only (Windshield Wiper):  Dribble the ball like you are going to cross over. But instead of going back and forth with both hands, one hand does all of the work. This drill is the base of a lot of in and out/ hesitation moves that you will need in your arsenal in order to be a good at creating off the dribble.

Quick Cross: Cross over hard and low, keeping your eyes up and your cross over below your knees. Keeping the ball low will make your cross over quicker and harder to steal. You can go back and forth with no extra dribbles, or take one dribble on each side to get yourself settled.

Figure Eight (Both Directions): Dribble the ball low and with your finger tips going around one leg and then the other. Try to take at least eight dribbles to go through the entire figure eight. After a minute or so, try to switch directions. Concentrate on keeping your eyes up and bending at  your knees and not at your waist.

Form shooting: Start under the basket, and shooting with only your dominate hand, hit three shots. After making three shots, take a step back and make three more. Continue this until it takes you more than five shots to hit  three. This is the end of your range. This drill will pay off in a big way with your shooting if you are dedicated to making yourself better every time you do it.

Shoot 10 Free Throws

Mikan Drill:  Go back and forth until your make 25 on each side. ( Once again, there are plenty of youtube videos that do a great job of demonstrating this drill)

Shoot 10 Free Throws

10-15 foot pull ups: Start at three point line in the corner like you were going to attempt the drill where you shoot 10 threes from five spots. If you don’t have a three point line on your court, that’s fine, just try to start somewhere around 20 feet from the basket. Starting from a triple threat position, take one or two hard dribbles toward the basket, and then pull up and shoot a jumper. Your last dribble before you shoot should be very forceful. By driving the ball into the ground hard, it will bounce back up quicker and allow you to shoot quicker and use the ball’s momentum to help you get lift on your shot. You might mess up at first, but with practice you will get better and your game shots will improve. Make 5, starting from each of the five three point spots. You will make 25 in total.

Shoot 25 Free Throws and keep track of how many you make.

Shoot 5 Threes From each Spot and keep track of how many you make.

Make 10 lay ups driving from the left side. Go hard on this and make it a workout! Work on different finishes with either hand. Try to imagine shooting over or around a defender.

Shoot 5 Free Throws

Make 10 lay ups driving from the right side.

Shoot 5 Free Throws

Make 10 lay ups driving down the middle.

Shoot 10 Free Throws

100 Push ups: This can be done anytime during the day, but they all must be completed in one session. I would suggest breaking these into 5 sets of 20 or 10 sets of 10, with 30-60 seconds rest in between. If you concentrate on keeping you back straight and you stomach tight, push ups are a great all in one workout!

Tuesday WOD: Nothing!

Thursday and Saturday WOD

Do the same skill work as Moday, Wednesday, and Friday. For those of you who only have access to an out door court, there are only a few weeks left before the weather will make it hard to get out and play.

Instead of push ups we will do some quickness and defensive work at the end to give your upper body time to rebuild and recover. Your body needs 24 to 48 hrs to rebuild and repair the damage from intense exercise. The good part is, your body builds itself back stronger than before! But it needs time to recover.

Defensive Box: Set up some markers or just use your imagination to create a box with each side being about 15 feet long. Starting from one corner explode forward to the cone in front. When you reach this corner, slide laterally to the corner beside to the left or right depending on which corner you started from. After sliding laterally to the next corner, back peddle to the corner behind you and then slide laterally to the corner where you started. Go for 10 trips one way, take a minute to catch your breath, and then go ten trips the other direction. Try to stay on balance and under control while pushing yourself to go quicker in each direction.

10 Square hops- Starting by standing on your left leg, hop to the left about 2-3 feet and land on the left leg. Now jump forward, then to the right, and then backwards, ending up back where you started making a Square with the landing points of your four jumps. After making ten squares with the left, repeat by making ten squares with the right.

100 Burn outs: Stand on your tip toes with your knees almost locked. Jump about 3-5 inches off of the ground and land on your tip toes without letting your heels drop toward the ground. As soon as your forefoot touches the ground, quickly hop back up into the air. These should be short and very fast. Try to spend as little time on the ground as possible. Do 1 set of 100 jumps.


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